80G NO - 486/8E/558/2010-11
 ~ An Organization for Poor Society Development ~
Secretary Message :

Greetings from Kakdwip Dishan development Society (K.D.D.S.)

The inflation rate has come down to minus. But the price of the essential commodities like rice, vegetable, edible oils, sugar, cereals etc. has gone up beyond the rich of the common masses. The GAP between the rich and poor are widening. More and more people are coming either below poverty line or close to it. The condition of the poor and marginalized is unbelievable. 

In view of such conditions; we gave given much importance on decision –making process of the people for their own holistic development. We are empowering them with the knowledge and skill so that they can move from process of empowerment to process of entitlement. It is very much encouraging to record that the people of the reference groups especially the women in difference geo- specific areas have realized the importance of forming groups, people’s organization. SHGs to identify the problems, prioritize their needs, and decide upon action for their own development of empowerment. We are playing a pivotal role of facilitator just to expedite the process of Social Development.

There are plenty of issues/problems we need to address. However, considering our strength, weakness and potentiality we have restricted ourselves within a specific geo- specific areas, reference groups and issues / problems. I must admit that KDDS has not able to achieve every things but it is not because of our lack of sincerity and integrity but because of the coping with the rapid changing of our socio- economic and political dimensions.

In the process of journey we are tapping the resources available with the Government for the people. Therefore, we are working very closely with the local Government, panchayat Samities , District Administration , zila parishad D.M. 24 Parganas (s) etc. and many others Indian and foreign funding agencies. I am glad to inform you that we are having a very good relationship based on the development understanding and capability to work and we are very much recognized by the Government authorities.

I want to thanks and heartfelt gratitude to Anudip Foundation, Salt Lake, Sector-III Kolkata-106. that extended their support and cooperation in our development endeavor. 

I must record our sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all those persons and organizations that extended their support and cooperation in our development endeavor.  Special thanks to my colleagues and the Committee Members for their relentless and unconditional work and support. Last but not least I would like to record our thanks to our respected reference people without whom nothing could be achieved.

I am optimistic to get the similar kind of support and cooperation from all of them in the year to come in our DEVELOPMENT ENDEAVOUR.


                                                                                                                                            Mohan Kumar Patra

                                                                                                                                                 Secretary, KDDS



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